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Book your appointment today to visit our in-house Rim Showroom, located at 700 York Road, Guelph.


Fast Wheels is a Canadian company specializing in the design and production of quality, stylish and accessible alloy wheels. Vehicle enthusiasts can peruse a broad, varied range of styles, finishes, sizes and fitments. Adaptations are available for any vehicle make, model or year. Fastco Canada is also part of an OEM Accessory Partnership with Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, Infiniti, and Mitsubishi. 


Braelin is a Canadian company created by Fast Wheels that is dedicated to providing a range of wheel styles and fitments for luxury, premium passenger vehicles, and SUVs. Owners of the Braelin line can benefit from their flow form wheels that are constructed to reduce overall weight and improve structural strength, perfect for high-performance vehicles. Braelin are outfitted to cater to Jaguar, Lexus, Audi, Mercedes, and Tesla vehicles that have different front and rear wheel widths while providing a guaranteed fit, mapped around all brake and suspensions points on any vehicle.


Euro Design is a company owned and operated by YKW Performance Wheels, which stemmed from a passion for aftermarket alloy wheels, and has grown to one of the leading alloy wheel brands in the industry. Euro Design provides customers with contemporary performance wheels of the strongest alloy through knowledge, quality, and testing while maintaining that luxury vehicle aesthetic. Though commonly paired with BMW, Audi, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Kia, and Toyota, they make a perfect fit for most vehicle makes and models.


The Replika line is a division of Canadian company Fast Wheels, the line’s purpose is to preserve the same look and quality as the original wheels that came on your vehicle while supporting OEM centre caps. Replika is custom-tailored luxury performance alloys, with a wide variety of staggered fitments, machined precisely to your vehicle’s exact specifications to be a direct fit. Replika is designed for but not limited to Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Cadillac, Ford, Lexus, Mini, and Telsa, making them the perfect fit for any vehicle.


Fast HD is a Canadian company that is owned and operated by Fast Wheels. The Fast HD line is dedicated to creating heavy-duty and stylish wheels that are built to accommodate owners of Trucks, SUVs, and Off-road vehicles. Vehicle owners can benefit from their rugged and dependable alloys that are tailored to visual taste and applications in both standard and aggressive fitments. Fast HD are partnered with Falken, Hankook, Yokohama, Nankang, and Pirelli Tires, however, can be paired with most tire manufacturers.


Fuel: Off-Road is developed and manufactured by American company MHT Luxury Alloys, Fuel wheels are the #1 choice for any truck fitment, from your standard pickup to rock climber, to trophy racer. Fuel rims are made at the highest quality standard available while providing custom forgings, being beadlock ready, and fully supportive of OEM TPMS. There’s a wheel for any truck fitment you can think of, from Ford and Jeep to Chevy and Toyota, Fuel off road wheels are the answer.


RTX is a Chinese manufacturer of high-quality alloy wheels. RTX wheels are not only extremely stylish in design but they’re made to be 15% stronger and lighter while still sharing similar properties to forged wheels. RTX’s wide range of wheels includes flowforged performance, heavy duty off-road and retro fitted steel. While supplying a number of direct fit hub centric wheels commonly paired with Chrysler, Toyota, Chevrolet, Jeep and Honda vehicles.


Niche Wheels are 100% forged and milled in Los Angeles, California and are owned and operated by MHT Luxury Alloys. Niche provides a vast variety of sizes and finishes, meaning no matter the year, make or model there’s almost always a Niche wheel available to choose from. Adaptations are available for any vehicle, however, Niche Wheels have been fitted to standard BMW and Mercedes Benz fitments as well as Luxury SUVs from Tesla, Urus and Lamborghini.


KÖNIG Wheels are now available as a part of our AM Service product lineup. KÖNIG has been on the cutting edge of the wheel industry for nearly 40 years and is one of the most recognized aftermarket wheel brands. In addition, KÖNIG manufactures renowned by-products including Maxxim, Bravado Performance, and Mamba Off-Road. KÖNIG specializes in providing wheels primarily for the tuner, street, and sport communities for a variety of vehicle segments.


Rotiform is an American company and member of the MHT Luxury Alloys family, specializing in custom multi-piece and mono block wheels. Along with quality comes variety, any wheel in their inventory can be custom coloured to your personal preference. Rotiform’s European inspired style is a hallmark to vehicle makers Porsche, Audi, Honda and Volkswagen.

The ability to have an in-house Rim Showroom as well as partner status with a variety of suppliers allows our customers the possibility to order nearly any brand, style, finish, and colour of wheels. These amount to hundreds of different options ranging in price and aesthetic, for all vehicles and seasons. 


Our Service Department will offer suggestions on brand, sizing, and fit while providing the customer with a visual schematic of the wheels and tires on their vehicle by using the latest software and programs available.


Schedule your appointment today to speak to our Service Advisor. 

Rim Showroom


AM Service provides the capability to carry all brands of tires and sizes. Selections including summer, all-season, winter or competition ratings make us your ultimate tire solution. Our flexible payment program and competitive supplier pricing allow our customer base to not only acquire the aesthetic they desire but the functionality to match at the lowest cost.

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